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Enhancing the Arts Since 1962

Under the leadership of Mrs. Edmund (Joan) Krautmen, the Chillicothe branch of the American Association of University Women sponsored a one-day Fine Arts Fair in November, 1962. It was a combined effort of the cultural groups and facilities existing in our community, and professional exhibits from other sources. The success of this one day event proved that there was and is a place and a need for more such cultural events in this area.

From the impetus furnished by this very successful one-day Fine Arts Fair, a non-profit organization was formed in December 1963, called, The Chillicothe Fine Arts Council, Inc. In February, 1964, by-laws were adopted and officers and directors were elected. John Irvin was elected president and Mrs. Joan Krautman was given the office of executive vice-president. Robert A. “Bob” Smith was a vice-president and was largely responsible for arranging a plan for financing. His “Membership Plan” has proved extremely successful with only minor alterations during the years.

The members of the first board of directors in 1964,, listed in the order signed on the original incorporation papers, were: Walter T. Miller, John Irvin, Mrs. E. J. (Joan) Krautmann, Frank Fendorf, Ed Milbank, Mrs. Joseph Shy, Bill Plummer, Ronald L. Somerville, Mrs. Joseph L. Miquelon, Howard Rion, Robert A. Smith, Bob Ashford, Mrs. Rudy Eschenheimer, Mrs. Edgerton Welch, Mrs. Robert Staton, Don Chapman, Jr., Mrs. Nolan (Peggy) Chapman, Jr., Rev. William Lindbloom, Rev. John J. McCormack, R.E. Houston and Mrs. W. L. (Billie) Fair.

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